Surgical Services

This refers to any of those mishaps where your pet might have been in a fight with another animal and requires sutures or has an open wound that needs to be stitched.

Neutering and Spaying
Spaying refers to female pets while neutering refers to male pets. In both cases we remove the reproductive organs and this requires a general anesthetic. At Kincardine Veterinary Services, our spays/neuters include the following:

Day before admission – to allow your pet so settle into the clinic and ensure fasting prior to surgery.

Pre-operative bloodwork – Complete Blood Count and Chemistry Profile (for liver, kidney and hydration status). Alerts us to underlying conditions we may not see symptoms of yet and give us a baseline for your pets specifically to use for comparison should they get sick in the future.

Intravenous (IV) Fluids – to keep your pet hydrated during surgery, support the kidneys and liver that process the drugs that are given, replace any fluid loss during surgery and give IV access during procedure should any drugs need to be given.

Pain medication – tailored to your pet’s needs.

Monitoring – by both a trained Veterinary Technician and a Doppler blood pressure monitor. This is to ensure the proper depth of anesthesia and proper pain management.

Hospital stay night of surgery – to allow full recovery from general anesthetic and make sure you pet stays quiet and gets lots of rest after surgery. We also are then able to do a post-operative exam the next day to ensure proper healing and adequate pain management.

Post-operative exam – this is done about 10 days after surgery to make sure incision has healed completely.

We recommend you spay/neuter your pet at about 6 months of age before they go into heat or become sexually mature. There are many reasons to have your pet ‘fixed’, these include: preventing unplanned litters and adding to the pet population, reducing risk of cancers like mammory and testicular, no risk of severe uterine infections (called pyometra), reducing behavior problems like aggression and wandering.

Please call our clinic if you have any questions about spaying or neutering your pet. Our staff will be happy to assist you.