Laboratory Services

We have access to both in-house lab work and several private labs. Animal Health Laboratories at the veterinary college in Guelph is the one we use the most often for the samples we send out. We get a 24hr. turnaround time for most tests.

In-House Lab Tests

CBC (Complete Blood Count) – In 2008 we purchased a blood analyzer known as a Lacercyte. It allows us to do a complete blood count of red and white blood cells. We also look at the blood microscopically to check for any changes in the blood cells. This allows us to look for signs of infection, clotting issues or even some tumors.

General Health Profile – This is a screen of all the major organs in the body. This screen can uncover many problems such as kidney failure, diabetes and liver disease.

Urinalysis – Examining urine to assess kidney function, signs of infection and crystals and diabetes.

Cytology – Ear swabs – checking for ear mites, yeast or bacterial infections. Fine needle biopsies of lumps to look at individual cell types.

Felv/FIV – This is a test for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. These immune attacking diseases are spread through the urine, feces and saliva and blood of cats (ie. cat fights).

Skin scraping – Checking for external parasites such as mange.